Clover Donations

Need vs. Want doesn't apply here.

{ here is a list of our features }

Accept Donations Online

Clover Donations allows you to receive donations from any device with an internet connection.
We've made it so you have the ability to accept donations anytime, anywhere.

Create & Customize Your Donors' Experience

You have the power and control to make your donors' experience exactly what you want it to be.
Our Form Editor lets you make your organization's look and messaging the focus of the giving experience.

Account Management for Your Donors

What happens when your donors want to change their info, or even just view previous transactions? Well, we’ve got you covered. Every donor has access to become a registered donor and manage their own account.

Total Control: Introducing The Donation Center

Having the ability to accept donations is great, but how do you track and manage your transactions?
Our Donation Center will equip you to have total and complete control of every transaction.