Clover Donations

Pay a little, get a lot.

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Clover Donations


Per Transaction

{ There are no other fees. Seriously. }

Merchant Account

provided by bluepay

Bank Account Transaction Fee 0% + 29¢ Credit Card Transaction Fee Variable Rate (approximately 2% + 35¢ on average)

We also allow integration with

Giving you the power and control of a six-figure donation management system (at a fraction of the price)

Donor management, donation reporting, transaction control, custom form editing - these are the types of things major non-profits spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating for their organizations. We've decided to create a technology that gives the little guy the same amount of power, flexibility and control as the big non-profit for a fraction of the price.

We also made it so you only pay for the service if you use it. This means that you will only pay Clover when you take in money -- which guarantees that you will only pay for our product when we're processing transactions, handling exchanges, and hosting forms that are being used. We hope you'll agree that it's a much better deal than paying a high monthly fee no matter how much you bring in.

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